Compensation claims relating to chronic pain

If you and/or your doctor believe that you have developed a chronic pain condition as the result of an accident, there are specialist solicitors who can help you claim for compensation. Long-standing pain conditions are often overlooked by inexperienced paralegals, so it’s important you work with an experienced serious injury solicitor who can ensure everything is done correctly.

What is chronic pain?

This is a general term for a number of conditions. It includes cases where the sufferer is experiencing real symptoms of pain, but no doctor has been able to precisely identify the underlying cause. Unlike acute pain, like that associated with an orthopaedic injury, chronic pain is yet to enter popular consciousness. Even some GPs are not very knowledgeable about the concept, and it’s only been in the last few years that pain clinics have begun to emerge.

Consequently, chronic pain conditions are often misunderstood, even by sufferers, as diagnoses that are made when the doctor isn’t convinced. The word ‘psychosomatic’ sometimes comes up, suggesting it’s “all in the mind”. But this is not accurate; a pain condition is a serious diagnosis, and it requires specialist treatment and specialist legal representation.

If you believe you are suffering from a chronic pain condition caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault, you should consider pursuing compensation with the right solicitor.

How does it work?

With normal injury claims, there is a 3-year time frame for you to pursue compensation. But when it comes to chronic pain, the rules are a little different. It may take years for a chronic pain condition to be diagnosed and linked directly to an accident, so the 3-year time frame starts from when the diagnosis is made and the link identified.

The most important factor of a chronic pain compensation claim is the medical diagnosis, since it may occur significantly after the original injury. Chronic pain specialists can assess what may have caused the issue to build a strong case for the claim. This, as well as documentation of the incident, witness statements and the occurrence of similar injuries can all add serious weight to a chronic pain claim. Whether claiming for general damages, or special damages that relate to alterations you’ve had to make in your life, the most important thing is finding a solicitor with the knowledge and experience for chronic pain claims.

If you think you may have a credible claim for compensation relating to a chronic pain condition, please contact get in touch today and tell us about it.