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Mackrell & Thomas Liverpool Solicitors are experienced in dealing with all types of workplace accident compensation claims. If you have unfortunately been the victim of a workplace accident caused by the negligence of your employer or a fellow employee then we can help you with your accident claim.

We recognise that following an accident at work, we need to give you as much support as we can with your financial and medical needs and help you on the road to recovery following your injury at work.

To succeed with an accident at work claim you need to show that the employer (or someone for whom the employer was responsible) was at fault. Specialist legal advice should always be sought even if you are not sure whether it will be possible to show blame.  We have succeeded with many workplace accident compensation claims where blame initially appeared to be very difficult to establish.

In our experience as personal injury solicitors in Liverpool we know the main factor that will put people off claiming against their employer is how they will react to the claim. If your employer is at fault then there is no reason why a Personal Injury claim cannot be pursued, by law employers must have Employers Liability Insurance in place to cover accidents in the workplace.

If you do feel that you need to discuss any tension between yourself and your employer due to the claim against them you can speak to your union representative or alternatively an Employment Law Specialists. Although we do not deal with Employment Law we will be able to put you onto someone who can help.

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Types of accident at work claims

Examples of Accident at Work claims we have successfully settled include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Slips, trips or falls on debris or dangerous surfaces
  • Lifting or manual handling injuries
  • Fork lift truck accidents
  • Injuries suffered on building sites or in the construction industry
  • Falls from heights from scaffolding or ladders
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals or substances
  • Employees exposed to violent attacks by patients or customers


Using machinery in the workplace can be hazardous for both the operator and of course the people who work around the operator.

This is why employers are legally required to supply:

  • Safety equipment
  • Adequate training for operators
  • Adequately trained colleagues

Remember, if you are using machinery you should have received adequate training to do so, this is your employers’ responsibility.  Operators of heavy lifting machinery such as cranes or forklift trucks should have adequate training to ensure that they are aware of maximum loads, securing loads and of course awareness of the colleagues and obstacles around them.

Elevated areas

There is a higher risk of suffering a workplace injury when working in elevated areas and unfortunately the vast majority of accidents involving ladders and scaffolding result from failure to follow safety procedures. These procedures include a responsibility by employers to provide proper training and routine inspections, equipment and maintenance.

There are many workplace regulations in force to ensure that accidents at work with ladders and scaffolding do not take place, employers and employees who follow these guidelines can substantially reduce the number of ladder related injuries.

Ladder and scaffolding related injuries don’t just include employees falling, it could be an employee dropping an item from a height injuring a co-worker or a member of the public.

Injuries could also be caused by ladders or scaffolding that have not been securely loaded to a vehicle.

Again, it is essential that employees offer adequate training and supervision. It is when this training is not offered that the chances of workplace Injuries are increased dramatically.

Manual handling

Many people are employed where their duties may include some manual work; this may involve the lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving items from one place to another.

Almost one third of accidents in the workplace involve an accident caused by a person carrying or moving an excessive weight or by attempting a task, which their body is physically unable to copy with. The most common type of injury caused by improper training or an excessive workload are back injuries.

Adequate training must be given, together with adequate supervision. Employees should not be asked to perform tasks that are beyond their physical capabilities. Where possible employers must supply the adequate tools for the job (trucks / trolleys etc).

Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks have also been the cause of several accidents in the workplace, this could be due to poor training and badly planned warehouse facilities. If you have been injured in a UK workplace accident which was caused by the use of machinery then Mackrell & Thomas can assist you with your workplace compensation claim.

Health and safety

It is the employer’s duty to ensure that floors, surfaces, working areas and corridors are safe. Work areas need to be structurally sound and suitable for intended work. Your health & safety at work should be your employer’s number one priority.

Electrical equipment must be tested by a qualified electrician to ensure that it is safe to operate. Any dangerous chemicals should be stored away and clearly labelled with their contents.

In short, your employer needs to have met the strict guidelines as set by the health & safety officer and also the fire officers.

Why choose Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors

If you have been injured in a workplace accident in the last 3 years, we can help you obtain compensation.

Mackrell & Thomas guarantee that:-

  • We will obtain the maximum level of compensation
  • An experienced solicitor will deal with your claim
  • Expert advice from our friendly team

Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors have a reputation for providing our clients with a quality service and we ensure that your claim is handled by a fully qualified solicitor throughout your compensation claim.

We will maximise your settlement whilst finalising your accident claim as soon as possible.

Most firms of solicitors allocate unqualified claims handlers to accident at work claims, however we recognise that innocent victims of workplace accidents deserve an expert personal injury solicitor to succeed with their claim.

We want to help you overcome the problems caused by your accident by helping you make your accident at work compensation claim.

Mackrell & Thomas Soliciotrs in Liverpool guarantee that we will recover the maximum amount of compensation and we act on a No Win No Fee basis so that if your claim is unsuccessful it won’t cost you a penny.

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