Personal Injury Compensation: How Much?

How much compensation you might be awarded for your personal injury is quite a straightforward question for an experienced firm of personal injury solicitors such as Mackrell & Thomas.

If it is clear how your accident occurred and why you believe another party is responsible, then making a personal injury claim is a much more uncomplicated process than you might think.

Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors have over 30 years experience of winning personal injury claims for clients and will be able to advise you straight away whether you have a claim for personal injury and how much compensation you may be able to claim for your injury.

How much compensation for …

Type of injuryExtent of InjuryEstimated Amount of Compensation
Ankle InjuryMild to severe ankle injury£10,300 - £53,100
Arm InjuryMild arm injury£4,500 - £30,250
Arm InjurySerious to moderate arm injury£30,100 - £99,750
Arm InjuryExtremely serious arm injury£74,200 - £227,250
Back InjuryMild back injury£350 -£9,850
Back InjurySerious to moderate back injury£30,750 - £8,750
Back InjuryExtremely serious back injury£29,750 - £123,299
Ear InjuryMild ear injury£4,300 - £37,500
Ear InjurySerious to moderate ear injury£22, 300 - £34,501
Ear InjuryExtremely serious ear injury£69,100 - £108,500
Elbow InjuryMild elbow injury£3,100 - £9,750
Elbow InjurySerious to moderate elbow injury£11,400 - £23,900
Elbow InjuryExtremely serious elbow injury£29,200 - £42,250
Eye InjuryMild eye injury£1,600 - £7,600
Eye InjurySerious to moderate eye injury£7,100 - £49,400
Eye InjuryExtremely serious eye injury£81,200 - £205,300
Face InjuryMild face injury£1,700 - £12,350
Face InjurySerious to moderate face injury£12,200 - £27,299
Face InjuryExtremely serious face injury£15,400 - £73,200
Foot InjuryMild foot injury£5,300 - £11,050
Foot InjurySerious to moderate foot injury£18,500 - £52,900
Foot InjuryExtremely serious foot injury£64,000 - £152,750
Hand InjuryMild hand injury£700 - £22,300
Hand InjurySerious to moderate hand injury£22,500 - £47,750
Hand InjuryExtremely serious hand injury£46,300 - £151,250
Head InjuryMild head injury£1,500 - £9,500
Head InjurySerious to moderate head injury£12,500 - £200,00
Head InjuryExtremely serious head injury£215,000 - £310,000
Knee InjuryMild knee injury£4,750 - £19,600
Knee InjurySerious to moderate knee injury£20,250 - £33,200
Knee InjuryExtremely serious knee injury£39,700 - £72,970
Leg InjuryMild leg injury£1,800 - £17,900
Leg InjurySerious to moderate leg injury£21,750 - £104,100
Leg InjuryExtremely serious leg injury£75,100 - £215,000
Neck InjuryMild neck injury£1,800 - £ 6,200
Neck InjurySerious to moderate neck injury£29,600 - £42,300
Neck InjuryExtremely serious neck injury£35,500 - £112, 450
Shoulder InjuryMild shoulder injury£350 - £6,700
Shoulder InjurySerious to moderate shoulder injury£6,250 - £9,750
Shoulder InjuryExtremely serious shoulder injury£9,500 - £37,00
Toe InjurySevere to mild toe injury£4,500 - £43,250
Wrist InjurySevere to mild wrist injury£2,550 - £44,500

Personal Injury Awards

The amounts contained in the table above are the assessment of general damages in personal injury cases, taken from the Judicial Board Guidelines.

The compensation levels are the recommended range of personal injury compensation amounts for particular levels of injury and should only be viewed as a guide, as the amount of compensation payable will depend on a number of factors, such as the severity, complicating factors, and how long it may take for the victim to fully recover.

In addition to the general damages, the claimant may also be entitled to claim for special damages – the amount of out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the injury.