Serious Injury Claims & Solicitors

Serious injuries such as head or spinal cord injuries or an amputation can cause huge disruption to the lives of the sufferer and their loved ones.


You may need a total rethink of major life decisions which affect your employment, healthcare and deciding where to live. Serious injuries are hugely traumatic and need to be handled by solicitors with the appropriate level of experience and expertise.

Claims involving serious injuries such as spinal injuries, amputation, chronic pain and brain injuries or which follow a fatal accident need specialist serious injury solicitors to ensure you get the best level of support in a life changing and traumatic time.

Our Liverpool team of serious injury solicitors can make a real difference to you and will help you live as full as life as possible after a serious injury. We have years of experience in dealing with claims involving serious and traumatic injury.

We will help you recover the right level of compensation and, more importantly, we will ensure that you receive the best rehabilitation treatment and support available.

We offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement meaning there is no financial risk to you if your claim is not successful.

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Types of Serious Injuries

Our serious injury solicitors can help you claim compensation for:

Fatal Accidents

Losing a loved one in a fatal accident is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through.

Our team of specialists can help families at this distressing time, finding out what caused the accident and who was responsible.

We can also help with the financial impact of your loss. If someone else was at fault in causing the accident, we can help you make a claim for fatal accident compensation to make sure you and your family do not suffer financially.

We have helped many people across Merseyside and the North West claim compensation after fatalities, for example when arising out of:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Accidents whilst on holiday


We understand how a serious injury such as an amputation can affect all aspects of your life. Our specialist injury solicitors have years of experience in helping people get through what can be a hugely traumatic time.

We have expertise in helping many people who have lost a limb claim compensation under a no win no fee agreement. The types of accidents where our clients have been involved include:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Accidents on a farm

We can assist in claiming compensation and also in ensuring you have the help of the best specialist prosthetic providers and rehabilitation experts.

We will help you access the care and support you need to adjust to life after the loss of a limb. You may need your house adapting to make everyday life easier.

Spinal Cord Injury

If you have suffered a serious back or spinal cord injury, your life may change completely. Our spinal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation for make things easier for you and your family.

We can also claim additional compensation for you to assist with things like:

  • Adaptations to your home
  • Buying a new car
  • Help with lost earnings and expenses
  • Private healthcare
  • Rehabilitation and therapy

Chronic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain syndrome can be a life changing condition for the sufferer but also their friends and family. Severe pain can last for many months after an injury and this can affect you mentally and physically.

We understand the impact that having chronic pain can have on your everyday life. We have experience in handling chronic pain cases due to accidents at work, road traffic accidents and accidents abroad.

We will help you cope with the effects of chronic pain and our serious injury solicitors will put you in touch with rehabilitation specialists such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and consultants who can help you with your treatment and recovery.

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