Pricing Policy

Wills, Probate and Power of Attorney Service Prices

We have a range of services set out below, please contact us and we can talk through your options, no cost and no obligation.

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If you require a new will, or would like to make changes to a will you already have but would like to instruct our services please find the price list below.

Single will £125 +VAT – Total cost £150

Double will (also known as a couples will or “mirror will” £200 + VAT  – Total cost £240

There is an additional £50 plus vat for each home visit we have to make should this be a requirement.

 Power of Attorney

There are 2 different types of Power of Attorney you can apply for.  One being financial and the other being care.  You can also apply for them together at a discounted rate.  Please find full price list below with breakdown.  When you attend your appointment with us you can discuss what type of work you wish for us to undertake and our file handler will go through the process with you.

Financial Power of Attorney – Total cost £500

This includes:

Our fee                        £348.33 + VAT

plus registration Fee   £82

Care Power of AttorneyTotal cost £500

This includes:

Our fee                        £348.33 + VAT

plus registration Fee   £82

Financial & Care Power of AttorneyTotal cost £750

This includes

Our fee                        £488.33 + VAT

plus registration Fee   £164




There are two types of ways of dealing with Probate, there is obtaining a Grant of Probate and there is Full Probate Service.  Details of which are listed below.

Obtaining Grant of Probate – Total cost £600

This includes:

Our fee – £366.67 + VAT = £440

Probate Court Fee – £155

Copies of Probate – £5

Obtaining Grant of Probate is usually needed when an external body such as a bank, building society, etc. requires you to provide them with grant of probate before they agree to close down accounts, sell a property in the deceased’s name.

Full Service of Probate – Total cost is negotiated depending on work completed by the firm

Full service of Probate is when you require a solicitor to deal with the probate process from start to finish.  There is a grant application fee in the sum of £155 which is payable by the client.  We cap our fees at the beginning of the case based on an estimate of what work will need to be done on evaluation during our first meetings with the client.  Our fee will be based on our hourly rate and the estimate of time that will be spent on the case.  If work is completed under that estimate the client will pay only for the work done, if our work exceeds the capped fee the client will not be liable for payment of the amount above the original estimate.

The Hourly Charging Rates (plus VAT) are:

Partner/Solicitors & Legal Executives with 8+ years experience       £250.00

Solicitors/Legal Executives with 4+ years experience                        £190.00

Other case handlers of equivalent experience                                     £160.00

Trainee Solicitors/Junior case handlers                                               £125.00

PA/Secretarial                                                                                         £  75.00