Fixed fee prices

Mackrell and Thomas provide great value, expert legal advice across a range of legal services. 

Please contact us and we can talk through your options, at no cost and no obligation. VAT at 20% is applied to our costs. 

Our work is carried out by experienced solicitors, licensed conveyancers and legal executives. All work is supervised by Mark Hunter, a solicitor with 25 years experience. 

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If you require a new will, or would like to make changes to a will you already have, the following prices apply.

Single straightforward will  Total cost including vat £175

Will for a couple                    Total cost including £250

There will be increased costs if there are any Life Interests, Tax issues or Trusts in the wills.

We can see clients at home, a £50 charge applies. 

We make no charge for storing wills for our clients. 

Power of Attorney

There are 2 different types of Power of Attorney, for property and financial issues and  also for health and care matters. 

Property & Financial Power of Attorney – Total cost including vat £500

Our fee                        £348 + VAT plus registration Fee   £82

Health and Care Power of AttorneyTotal cost including vat £500

Our fee                        £348 + VAT plus registration Fee   £82

Applying for both  Financial & Care Powers of AttorneyTotal cost including vat £700

Our fee                        £446 + VAT plus registration Fee   £164



Why do you need obtain Probate?

It is needed when a bank, building society or pension company requires to see a Grant of Probate before they will pass money on. 

It is also needed to sell or transfer a property after someone dies. 

You need to complete a formal application to the court and complete a tax form, to obtain a Grant of Probate. We are solicitors who specialise in probate applications and dealing with the Probate Court on your behalf. 


We can just obtain the Grant of Probate and you can deal with everything else, or we can carry out the full estate administration for you and distribute the assets.

If you want us to only obtain the Grant of Probate from the court , we will obtain and provide you with that court document, so that  you can deal with the rest estate. This is the lowest cost option. 

If you would prefer to leave the whole estate administration process to us then we can deal with the whole estate under our Full Probate Service. 

Obtaining a Grant of Probate from the court takes about 6-8 weeks. This assumes there is no dispute about the Probate

Obtaining uncontested Grant of Probate only – Total cost including vat  £975

Our fee – £560 + VAT, plus Probate Court Fee – £300

Full Probate Service

Our Full  Probate Service is when you ask us to deal with the probate process from start to finish.   

In most cases, we work on a fixed fee basis.

Fixed Fees start range from £1000 plus vat  to £5000 plus vat plus disbursements such as court fees.

As an example, we apply a fixed fee of £1500 plus vat plus  £300 court fee and £3 copy probate fees,  if the estate consists of no more than 5 accounts/bills to deal with, if there is no IHT to pay and if the estate is not disputed. (The fee does not include legal work selling property)

The fixed fee will increase according to how many assets/debts there are to deal with and if Inheritance Tax is payable. The process should take up to 4-6 months. 

If an estate is much more complex so that a fixed fee does not apply, our fee will be based on our hourly rate and the estimate of time that will be spent on the case.  This would apply for estates in excess of over a million pounds.

The Hourly Charging Rates for dealing with complex estates start from  £175 plus vat at 20% and the estate will be dealt with by an experienced solicitor. 

Full Probate Service procedure example

  • Solicitor appointed to deal with the estate
  • Draft Probate application for Executors / Administrators
  • Pay Inheritance Tax
  • Apply for Grant of Probate
  • Apply to banks, pension companies, ISA providers to obtain assets
  • Pay any debts
  • Obtain the Grant of Probate
  • Deal with sale or transfer of Property
  • Distribute the net estate to the beneficiaries