Who Can Make A Sports Injury Claim?

Whether a participant or a spectator, sport can be enjoyable and motivating, but unfortunately it can sometimes lead to personal injury. With over 30 years of experience, Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors have helped their clients to achieve successful injury claims and can assist you if you have been affected by a sports-related accident. If you are considering making a claim but need more information, you may find the following points useful:

Who can make a sports injury claim?

It does not matter if you are a professional sportsperson or simply following an interest, you can still make a sports injury claim. In addition, it does not matter if you are taking part or watching – spectators can make a claim too. Children’s sports injuries can also be claimed.

Types of injuries

Sadly, many accidents can happen in sport, and the type of painful injuries for which you might claim could be either complex e.g. fractures or spinal damage, or more straightforward injuries, for instance, sprains.

Where might injuries occur?

Some injuries may take place at school or college, as well as on private property or even spaces such as parks or gymnasiums. In addition, claims cover a wide range of sports such as horse riding, skiing, football and swimming.


Injuries can happen because of many circumstances. Common ones which result in claims include:

  • Poor coaching
  • Equipment or grounds which are inadequately maintained
  • Violent behaviour
  • Improper tackle

Important outcomes

Although you might be unsure about taking further action, it is worth knowing that you could achieve vital outcomes for your recovery. You may be reimbursed for financial losses you have incurred for travelling or for taking time off work. You may also need to cover the expense of physiotherapy or practical support such as assistance with day-to-day tasks. Successful claims can repay you for the cost of these.

We know that your life may be seriously affected by a sports accident, however, we are keen to help you get the recompense you deserve. If you have been injured through no fault of your own, Mackrell & Thomas are ready to advise you on how to proceed.