What are the time limitations of making a holiday claim?

If you’ve suffered from illness or injury while abroad on holiday then you may be able make a claim for compensation. You need to do so in a timely manner, however, or your claim may not be accepted. So how long do you have to make a claim?

How long do I have to make a claim?

The amount of time you have to submit a claim will vary depending on the type of holiday you were on.

Resort and hotel holidays – You have up to three years to submit a claim that took place in a hotel or holiday resort. Take a look at our package holiday claims page for more information.

Planes and boats – Illness or injury that occurred on a boat or plane will have a limit of 2 years for a claim to be submitted.

These limits are set for beginning the legal proceedings and claims do not need to be completed before this time is up. The dates are measured from the date of the accident or illness.

What if the tour operator has a different deadline?

While the tour operator or hotel may require that you submit a claim in a shorter period of time, this is not legally binding and you still have every right to put a claim in even once this date has passed. If you contact them directly then they may tell you that the deadline has passed, but your legal advisers will be able to progress the claim nonetheless.

How long will it take to get a response?

Travel agents or tour operators will have 28 days in which to respond to a complaint for injury or illness. If you make a legal claim, however, then they will have a longer 6 month period in which to reply. Usually companies will delay a reply, but when you have legal backing and support then you can usually garner a response from the company within a matter of weeks.

If you have suffered from illness or injury while you were abroad then you should contact us for legal advice today. The claim could be worth more than you realise and the sooner you can start proceedings the stronger your case will be.