Rape victims being denied compensation over minor offences

Criminal records for minor offences are routinely denying rape victims life-changing compensation, according to a new university study. Research led by Doctor Olivia Smith, a senior criminology lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, highlights the obstacles faced by rape victims in applying for compensation. Dr Smith asked 25 independent advisers, who have helped thousands of rape… Read more »

South Yorkshire Police prepare for Hillsborough compensation pay-outs

A new financial report reveals South Yorkshire Police are making plans to award millions of pounds in compensation to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. The police force has earmarked £14 million, which also includes compensation for the victims of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal. Initially £4.8 million has been set-aside for each incident… Read more »

Personal Injury Reforms Set for October 2018

The government has announced reforms regarding personal injury claims, particularly claims involving road traffic accidents (RTA’s). In a host of measures introduced in a new Bill, from October 2018, the small-claims limit for Road traffic accident claims will be increased to £5,000, but a more stringent threshold of £2,000 will be placed on other claims. The… Read more »

Government to slash personal injury claims compensation

The government plans to slash no win no fee whiplash claims compensation payments in personal injury claims. This will leave innocent accident victims out of pocket. If you been injured in an accident, make your claim now to protect your payout in your compensation claim. CALL US ON 0151 480 3666 TO MAKE YOUR CLAIM OR FILL IN… Read more »