Court supports salesman’s unpaid holiday time claim

A former sash window salesman has made British legal history by successfully arguing that he is owed more than £27,000 in back payments for holiday pay he was denied over his 13 year career. The court ruled Conley King should have been given full employment rights as a worker, rather than the self-employed status his… Read more »

Dementia and Football

Before Alan Shearer’s evocative dementia documentary aired on the BBC, worldwide studies had already begun to list brain damage as a devastating hazard of playing professional football. When scientists at University College London (UCL) and Cardiff University discovered – through the post-mortems of six ex-players – all of them had suffered the same tearing to… Read more »

Delayed Ryanair Flights

Budget airline Ryanair is appealing to 16,000 customers yet to be refunded for cancelled winter flights to come forward. Approximately 96 per cent of holidaymakers were refunded or offered alternative flights when the Irish airline announced 18,000 of its 800,000 flights until next year would be changed. A total of 400,000 customers were affected. Meanwhile,… Read more »

Serious head injuries nearly double your risk of dementia

New research has determined that sustaining a head injury can almost double the risk of developing dementia. The 40,000 participants of the study all suffered a head injury between the years 1986 and 2014. Half of the vast group suffered moderate-to-severe head injuries – which result in lesions in the brain – requiring the person… Read more »

Almost Half Of Brits Suffer “Gym-Injury” To Shed The Pounds

A new report suggests that around 41% of British adults have suffered injuries while attempting to lose weight for the summer. With around 45% of the British adult population hitting the gym these days to either bulk up, have some exercise or simply get in shape with their summer holiday in mind, a lot of… Read more »

Crashes most common on Fridays

A new study has found that Friday is the day when the highest number of car crashes happen in the United Kingdom. Direct Line Car Insurance provided an analysis of more than 700,000 traffic accidents, covering the period between 2011 and 2015, and they discovered that based on the findings, drivers are 14% more likely… Read more »

Alan Shearer settles £9m ‘negligent’ financial advice claim

Ex-England footballer and Match of the Day pundit, Alan Shearer, has reached an out of court settlement with his former financial adviser over allegations of ‘negligent’ financial advice. The 46-year-old former Southampton, Blackburn and Newcastle player was suing independent financial adviser (IFA), Kevin Neal and pensions specialist, Suffolk Life, for £9 million. Shearer alleged that… Read more »

Hundreds of patients seek compensation as ‘rogue’ surgeon is jailed

Hundreds of patients will seek compensation after breast surgeon Ian Paterson was sentenced to 15 years in jail for carrying out completely unnecessary operations on his patients for personal profit. Paterson, 59, of Altrincham, Greater Manchester, was found guilty last week of 17 counts of wounding with intent, relating to nine women and one man…. Read more »

Liverpool court backs Ryanair over flight delay compensation claims

Liverpool County Court has backed Ryanair’s claim that flight delay compensation claims submitted on behalf of passengers should only be heard in Irish courts. The court dismissed an application by delayed flight compensation firm, Hughes Walker, that the claims they were handling on behalf of passengers for delayed and cancelled flights should be heard in… Read more »