MoJ places limits on holiday sickness claims

The Ministry of Justice has introduced new rules on holiday sickness claims, which will place a cap on the amount of damages a claimant can receive under a new fixed recoverable costs regime. This measure was formally announced in April and will take effect during 2018. Travel companies and insurers have welcomed the measure, as… Read more »

Things you need to know before claiming dog bite compensation

If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite, as well as being traumatised and upset, you may also want to seek dog bite compensation. A dog bite is a personal injury and as such is subject to personal injury claims just like other injuries. A dog bite is the most common animal attack for… Read more »

How much do you really know about food poisoning on holiday?

A holiday should be the perfect opportunity to relax while having fun with friends and family. Unfortunately, many people suffer illness due to food poisoning which can ruin their trip. When it comes to food poisoning on holiday, most common causes of illness include:- – Uncooked food – Poor standards of hygiene and food preparation… Read more »

A guide to claiming compensation for a misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy

Claims for misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy can result in significant damages awards, particularly when loss of earnings and ongoing care requirements are taken into account. If you are planning to pursue a clinical negligence claim relating to misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, get in touch with the medical negligence team at Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors to find out… Read more »

How to make a No Win No Fee Ski Accident Claim

Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors provide legal support for personal injury claims, including people making skiing accident claims on a no win no fee basis. If you’ve suffered as a result of a holiday ski accident and wish to make a claim, our conditional fee agreements (no win no fee agreements) are an ideal choice. You… Read more »

What are the time limitations of making a holiday claim?

If you’ve suffered from illness or injury while abroad on holiday then you may be able make a claim for compensation. You need to do so in a timely manner, however, or your claim may not be accepted. So how long do you have to make a claim? How long do I have to make… Read more »

How to tell if you’re eligible to claim bus injury compensation

If you have been injured in a bus accident then there is a high chance that you will be able to claim compensation for your injuries. As buses carry large numbers of passengers who are both seated and standing, there is potential for significant injuries to occur. If you have been injured as a passenger… Read more »

Police clamped down on drink drivers this Christmas

As the holidays approach, there is added pressure on people of all ages to drink and drive. Christmas parties, catch ups with mates and family outings all add pressure to drink and drive. To prevent drink driving this year, police are using an intelligence-led campaign to catch you in the act this Christmas. Police in… Read more »

Court supports salesman’s unpaid holiday time claim

A former sash window salesman has made British legal history by successfully arguing that he is owed more than £27,000 in back payments for holiday pay he was denied over his 13 year career. The court ruled Conley King should have been given full employment rights as a worker, rather than the self-employed status his… Read more »