How to make a No Win No Fee Ski Accident Claim

Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors provide legal support for personal injury claims, including people making skiing accident claims on a no win no fee basis. If you’ve suffered as a result of a holiday ski accident and wish to make a claim, our conditional fee agreements (no win no fee agreements) are an ideal choice. You won’t need to make any payment to Mackrell & Thomas when you put your claim forward, our fees will be deducted from the compensation paid when the case has been won.

Skiing Accident Claims

There are a variety of skiing accident claims that can be made, these are generally categorised as “fault” and “non fault”. Fault skiing accident claims relate to accidents in which the injured person admits responsibility for the accident and are resolved with the holiday insurance providers. Non-fault accident claims are the result of a third party fault – this could be from another skier, the piste authority, the tour operator, the ski centre, a ski tutor or a ski lift operative.

Most skiing accident claims relate to downhill skiing injuries, such as concussion and arm or leg fractures. Claims can also be made for activities such as snowshoeing, sledding and cross-country skiing.

How to make a claim

It’s important to gather together as much evidence as possible to back up a claim for non-fault skiing accidents. Photographic evidence taken after the accident and information about weather conditions and the state of the ski slopes are ideal, and supporting witness statements will also support any claim. The local piste authority may also be able to produce a piste report to provide more support for your claim.

It’s also important to establish the ski code of conduct in place at the time of the accident. For example, skiers knocked down from behind by another skier generally have grounds to claim damages under FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) guidelines. There are complex factors in place which can affect compensation claims made in foreign courts, so it’s advisable to research any overseas skiing accident claims thoroughly prior to proceeding with litigation.

No win no fee

Mackrell & Thomas can help ensure the success of your skiing injury claim using a no win no fee agreement to ensure you don’t pay out upfront costs. Contact us today.