How does the personal injury claim process work?

Injuries sustained due to accidents can sometimes be life-changing. They have the potential to alter the dynamics of your everyday life. For that, it is important you are properly recompensed in case of a personal injury loss.

Examples of personal injury claims

There are many personal injuries for which Mackrell and Thomas Solicitors will help you track a claim. For instance,

  • Workplace injuries
  • Road accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Home accidents
  • Holiday accidents

What you need before making a claim

Information is power. The more info you have, the better. The vital details you need to have are,

  • The date and time of the day the accident took place
  • Where and how the accident happened
  • The contacts of any witness to the accident
  • The injuries details, which include medical diagnosis and treatment

Making a claim

The time limit to make a claim in the UK is three years, but it is wise to make it sooner to enable your solicitor to come up with an excellent possible case. After collecting the details of your personal injury, the next step involves contacting a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible, which marks the start of the claim process.

The compensation

There are two types of compensation.

  • General damages based on medical evidence
  • Special damages that should put you to your initial financial position before the accident

Why you need a solicitor

People mostly think that making a claim which results in compensation is quite easy. Nonetheless, personal injury cases in most instances are complicated due to the many factors connected to the injury which should be known before making a claim. Devoid of legal representation, you may encounter obstacles in your claim-making process.

A compensation award for personal injury shadows the losses incurred. It may cover many aspects including medical expenses and disability in quality of life, among other damages. Presenting an argument for the latter factors can be difficult especially when you have no prior experience or when you are not familiar with the law in place.

Personal injury solicitors ensure that you are compensated well. Mackrell and Thomas Solicitors have extensive knowledge of all aspects of personal injury law in addition to a massive experience of working with applicable case law in the area. The expert knowledge and experience that they offer will ensure that you collect the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

No-win no-fee claim

Mackrell and Thomas Solicitors offers a no-win no-fee accident claim. This means that if they take on your case, they will not ask for any fee until your case is successful. If on the other hand, you lose your case, they will not charge you for the work.

Why choose Mackrell and Thomas Solicitors

They have a vast knowledge and experience in personal injury and will deal with your claim as quickly as possible and ensure that you are satisfactorily compensated.