A guide to claiming compensation for a misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy

Claims for misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy can result in significant damages awards, particularly when loss of earnings and ongoing care requirements are taken into account. If you are planning to pursue a clinical negligence claim relating to misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, get in touch with the medical negligence team at Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors to find out all the details of our no win no fee agreements. You won’t need to worry about making an upfront payment and all our fees will be deducted from the damages won in the case.

Failure to diagnose ectopic pregnancies can be quite common

Ectopic pregnancies can be treated successfully if they are diagnosed promptly. Available treatments include the drug methotrexate and don’t involve surgery. When a clinical team fails to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy the fallopian tube can rupture leading to severe internal bleeding and the loss of the baby. It can be fairly common for doctors to fail to spot ectopic pregnancies, as symptoms often appear similar to miscarriage, ovarian torsions or acute appendicitis.

Your gynaecologist should have considered your previous medical history and all the key risk factors, such as whether previous ectopic pregnancy had been experienced and taken account of any previous damage to the fallopian tubes, perhaps caused by infection or previous surgery. Other risk indicators for possible ectopic pregnancies include whether IVF has been given, contraception choices, such as the mini pill or coil, and whether or not you smoke.

Pregnancy Negligence Claims

If your doctor failed to spot warning signs and no ultrasound scan was carried out, you could be entitled to claim for medical negligence. Successful claims for misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancies generally award payouts of between £20,000 and £35,000, although these figures could be significantly higher when loss of earnings and any ongoing medical care requirements are taken into consideration.

Mackrell & Thomas provide experienced medical negligence claims professionals to guide you every step of the way if you decide to pursue a claim for misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy. We understand the deep grief and sadness you have experienced as a result of losing your baby and will endeavour to give the expert advice you require to ensure the success of your medical negligence claim. Contact us for more information.