Delayed Ryanair Flights

Budget airline Ryanair is appealing to 16,000 customers yet to be refunded for cancelled winter flights to come forward.

Approximately 96 per cent of holidaymakers were refunded or offered alternative flights when the Irish airline announced 18,000 of its 800,000 flights until next year would be changed.

A total of 400,000 customers were affected.

Meanwhile, a further 2,000 (four per cent) of customers eligible for new flights or refunds from September and October’s shock cancellations, are still outstanding.

Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, said: “We have now processed 96 per cent of refunds or re-routing requests from customers affected by our winter schedule change, and we urge the remaining 16,000 customers to contact us as soon as possible to finalise their arrangements.

“We once again apologise to all customers affected by these cancellations and winter schedule changes.”

Customers affected by the winter schedule changes, which are in full swing until March 2018, are not entitled to compensation.

Given they were announced in September, this gives passengers longer than the standard 14-day notice period.

However, if you are unhappy with any alternative flights offered with Ryanair, you can opt to go with another airline, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

This is something Ryanair tried to deny customers at first.

The airline claims all customers have been notified by email if they are entitled to their money back or a new flight.

People wanting to apply for a refund can do so by filling in the form here:

Compensation is also still available to anyone given less than two weeks’ notice of their flight being cancelled, or if their flight is delayed by three hours or more.

European legislation states you can claim up to £222 (€250) on cancelled flights up to 1,500km, which increases to about £356 (€400) for longer distances.