Almost Half Of Brits Suffer “Gym-Injury” To Shed The Pounds

A new report suggests that around 41% of British adults have suffered injuries while attempting to lose weight for the summer.

With around 45% of the British adult population hitting the gym these days to either bulk up, have some exercise or simply get in shape with their summer holiday in mind, a lot of gym users have unfortunately suffered injuries as a result.

More than one in every ten Brits have seeked medical attention for an injury related to their exercise, and around 41% have suffered what is called a “gym-jury” as they strive for a beautiful beach body and a pectorally-pleasing physique.

The report says that 12% of gym users have either visited the doctor or been to the A&E at least once after a work-out gone wrong, and around one in twenty gym users are currently visiting either a physio or a chiropractor due to long-term injuries relating to exercise which they have suffered.

In addition, 9% of such people have continued working out and working through their excruciating pain, whilst as many as 38% of gym fanatics do not warm up or stretch before they begin exercising, despite expert advice from both their gym and their personal trainer (PT). On top of all this, at least one in every ten gym users have overdone it, whether it be going full throttle and going straight into completing several miles without starting slowly, or trying to lift weights that are far too heavy and thus can cause serious damage.

Hayward Baker, a personal injury solicitor firm, carried out the study, and they found that one in every twwnty British adults have admitted that they do not know how to correctly use gym equipment, with some having not been shown during their induction upon membership. That being said, all gyms stress that members (especially new members) should never attempt to use a machine without initial guidance, which suggests that in many cases, the neglect comes from the users themselves.

A spokesperson for Hayward Baker has commented on the findings, saying: “This is the time of year that everyone panics and tries to lose weight and get in shape for summer.

“These stats prove losing weight is a recipe for disaster and that injuries and accidents can happen. It’s vital you understand how all the equipment work and that you know your limits.”

The survey was carried out on over 1,500 adults living in the United Kingdom, and based on the results, working out in the gym is the most popular form of exercise in Britain right now, with power walking and swimming next in line.

Meanwhile, around one in five adults are cycling in order to lose weight, whilst around 10% of adults play football regularly in an attempt to shed pounds. In addition, 11% have turned to yoga and hot yoga sessions to improve their tone for their summer holiday.

As for the injuries themselves, the study found that the most common injury suffered by Brits seems to be a sprained ankle (suffered by as many as 21%), and a close second is a back problem, which 18% of users suffer from. Other injuries include breaking an arm, a leg or a hand after sport or strenuous physical activity (suffered by 16%), whilst one in ten users claim to be suffering from chest pain, and 5% have slipped a disc in their spinal column.

The survey will be of great interest to the gyms in particular, because the majority of gym members are not aware that, in the event of a ‘gym-jury’ or a related accident being suffered in a leisure facility, the management team for the gym are potentially liable to prosecution following a claim, since it is their responsibility to reduce risks wherever possible.

Hayward Baker’s free to use interactive injury compensation calculator can provide estimates of how much compensation somebody could be entitled to following an ‘gym-jury’ or another accident in a leisure facility.

The spokesperson for Hayward Baker continued: “It seems that going to the gym and working out incorrectly could seriously damage your health.

“Our easy to use injury compensation calculator gives people access to information which could really help them decide if they have a valid claim to make.”

Other findings from the study noted that around 28% of gym users could be considered to have ‘all the gear, but no idea’ when it comes to properly and safely working out; more than a third of gym users openly wonder why they bother to keep fit if they are aching and feeling worse after their exercise; and as many as 40% even believed that they would never achieve the perfect body in time for their holiday, thus negating the purpose of their sessions in the gym.

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