Food Poisoning on Holiday Claims

You’ve chosen your holiday destination and it’s green for go. Everything’s packed, you’re on your way to enjoy that well-deserved vacation. You’ve booked your hotel, paid for your flights and are looking forward to the sun, sea and sand. The last thing you want after a few days is to unknowingly eat something which results in food poisoning.

Unfortunately, food poisoning on holiday happens. Every hotel should be operating under strict Health and Safety Codes, but they don’t. This includes everything from the cleanliness of the rooms, swimming pools, restaurants and dining areas. Hotels are supposed to have regular inspections to ensure that their premises are hygienic in every way, sadly this is often neglected.

When on holiday food poisoning can easily be avoided if the food is properly cooked and hygienic food standards are followed. Let’s face it, what could be worse if you or your family have their holiday ruined by illness? If you do experience food poisoning while away, contact no-win no-fee personal injury specialists on your return to the UK without delay.

Holiday Food Poisoning Symptoms

Food poisoning is generally caused by a bacterial infection. It is not, as many tour operators claim, due to an airborne virus or a bug. When on vacation anyone can suffer from food poisoning, it’s not a nice experience. Symptoms can develop quickly, within the hour, a couple of days, a week or more slowly over a couple of weeks, depending on the type of infection. Typical symptoms include:

– Stomach cramps
– Severe or mild diarrhoea
– Appetite loss
– Flu-like symptoms/fever
– Aching joints or muscles
– Lethargy/dizziness, headaches
– Confusion
– Vomiting
– Feeling hot or cold
– Stiff neck

The main two kinds of food poisoning are salmonella and e-coli. There are many other strains of viruses which can also cause this condition.

To pursue a food poisoning on holiday claim, it’s a good idea to try and write down where and when you think you may have contracted the infection. This will help no-win no-fee personal injury specialists claim for compensation on your behalf. There’s no need to suffer in silence when you can make a claim to cover the costs of medication or having to travel to see a doctor, especially when on holiday abroad.

Make a Holiday Food Poisoning Claim

When getting in touch with reputable no-win no-fee personal injury specialists, placing a food poisoning on holiday claim is a painless process. A friendly, dedicated team will discuss your food poisoning claim in complete privacy and do all they can to reach a favourable compensation outcome. Consultants also take into account any loss of earnings you may have incurred by needing time off work because of feeling unwell.

What’s more, by claiming, you’ll be doing your bit to highlight food poisoning while on holiday and may help others from experiencing the same. With a no-win no-fee service, you don’t have to worry about being left out of pocket after making a claim. Contact Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors now if you or your family have been affected by holiday food poisoning.