Easyjet Data Breach

EasyJet are likely to face compensation claims over a data breach

EasyJet has admitted that personal details of thousands of its customers, including credit card details were accessed by hackers following a data breach in January 2020.

As many as 9 million customers could have had their personal details stolen. People who booked EasyJet flights as far back as October 2019 may be affected by the hacking of its data.  Over 2000 people have had their credit card details, including the security code accessed and available to criminals. 

EasyJet were aware of the data breach in January 2020 but they have taken until late May to make the full details known to the wider public. It is unknown at present if there will be any more breaches uncovered. 

As well as facing possible claims from its customers, EasyJet faces a potential fine from the Information Commissioner if it decides that EasyJet has poor security measures and there has been a breach of a the GDPR rules.

If  your data has been breached then you are entitled to make a compensation claim, whether or not you are one of the people whose credit card details are known to have been accessed. 

Data breach often leads to your personal details being disclosed without your permission.  It can naturally cause significant worry and distress if you don’t know if your personal information, particularly your credit card details is potentially available to criminals.

At worst, a data breach can lead to identity theft which could lead to criminals applying for credit in your name and accessing your existing bank accounts. 

  Three things you can do keep your personal details safe

  • Change your EasyJet login password and any other accounts with the same password
  • Contact your bank or credit card provider and if you are worried then order a new card
  • Be on your guard with any attempts to obtain further information, EasyJet’s hackers may already have some of your details. 

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